3 easy ways to learn more about website coding

Do you know your ASP from your CSS? Whilst although it is not necessary to understand complex web languages as JQuery or Javascript, a little bit of technical know-how can help you understand the wonderful world of web development and what exactly web agencies do for you. Read on for our tips on how to get your in the game


Codeacademy is a great online tool that uses an embedded coding area to teach you the basics of coding. It works on a simple progression system of lessons, including a couple which teach you to make a game of Blackjack. Achievement badges similar to the look of Foursquare and easy one-click facebook integration means that this isn’t just educational, it’s competitive. Unfortunately at the moment the lessons are just limited to just Javascript, the start-up is creating more open source courses including favourites such as HTML and CSS. Aside from all the fun bits we simply love how easy Codeacademy is to use and more importantly understand.


Tuts+ is a veritable goldmine for knowledge around design and technical matters. Their course which offers to teach you the basic in just 30 days comes with daily videos comprising of about 10 minutes or so each, which is more than manageable. The videos are presented by the likeable Jeffrey Way who is a great teacher and takes the time to explain the ins and outs of code (even though we do think his choice of t shirt is questionable).


The home of web development W3Schools is a foundational resource for both those just beginning and those who are well versed in web languages. W3schools utilises the same coding area method as Codeacademy but in a much more austere fashion. This one is for those who are serious about developing their skills and want to progress at a structured level. W3Schools offers a wide range of languages to learn which makes it a great long term resource as it keeps up to date with new coding such as HTML5 and CSS3.