Generating Buzz About a New Business

My friend and I opened a nail salon business in the center of the city. It has been a very exciting journey for us over the last few months, and we are extremely proud of everything we have achieved. We owe much of our success to our advertising techniques, which included Singapore door to door flyer distribution. We never imagined that we would have so many customers in such a short period of time. Because we started distributing flyers before our doors even opened, people already knew about our business before we were accepting customers. I think that people began telling their friends about our new salon, and buzz started generating immediately.

During our grand opening event, people came flooding through the doors holding the flyers that they had received. There was a coupon on the flyer, which is what motivated people to come in and take a look at what we had to offer. That was one of the smartest things that we decided to do. Even if people did not want to stop and get their nails done, the extremely good price that we were offering made them want to do it. It was an offer that they could not refuse.

The company that we worked with for distribution really took great care of us. From the beginning of the process all the way through delivery, we were extremely satisfied with the entire series of events. We had to do very little work, and they took care of all the small details that were important. We plan on utilizing the services of this company again in the future, especially because they are one of the reasons why we are a success today. Anytime I need this type of service again, they will be the first call that I make. We are happy with our decision and our partnership.